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Journey to the West: RAGE.FIRE
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As Master Tang Sanzang and his discipline journey to the west, they come across the Flaming Mountains.

Obstructed by the flame, Tang Sanzang asks his eldest disciple, Monkey Sun Wukong, to look for Princess Iron Fan to borrow her fan.

As Sun Wukong is bad tempered and bears grudge against Princess Iron Fan and her son, Red Boy. The task of borrowing the fan will pose as a big challenge for him.

The comic is adapted from one of the four classic novels in China. Journey to the West. The theme is Fire. In the story we have the blazing fire from the Flaming Mountain, Red Boy's True Samadhi Fire and Wu Kong's rage/fire.

I try to use a bit of Zen wisdom to reconcile all the big fire in the story. A small story with a big inspiration.

Hope everyone will like it. Thanks. :)


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